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6-117   14.5" Boy on Swing
6-101   15" Cherub Asleep in Moon
6-102   15" Cherubs Sitting on Bench
6-148   16.75" Girl Sitting on a Tree
6-186   17.75" Pair of Angels
LY60085   17cm Cherub - Hear No Evil (x12)
LY60084   17cm Cherub - See No Evil (x12)
LY60086   17cm Cherub - Speak No Evil (x12)
6-156   18" Kneeling Boy Angel
6-157   18" Kneeling Girl Angel
6-238   18.5" Standing Angel
LY60079   21cm Cherub Sitting Asleep on Knees (x4)
LY60059   21cm Praying Angel (x4)
LY60090   22cm Sitting Fairy on Filigree Ball (x6)
LY60097   23cm Sitting Fairy (x6)
6-007   24.5" Cherub on Vase
LY60074   25cm Lying Cherub Asleep (x12)
LY60078   26cm Sitting Cherub Asleep on Arms (x4)
LY60075   26cm Sitting Cherub Hands on Chin (x4)
LY60077   26cm Sitting Cherub Head on Arms (x4)
LY60083   26cm Sitting Cherub Reading Book (x12)
LY60076   26cm Sitting Cherub Shh (x4)
LY60093   26cm Sitting Fairy Head on Arms (x4)
HY60045   3 Tier Chalkboard Display Planter 109cm (x1)
6-028   3" Sitting Cherub with Heart
LY60082   31cm Kneeling Cherub Reading Book (x4)
LY60061   31cm Standing Angel with Lyre (x4)
LY60065   32.5cm Kneeling Praying Angel - Right (x4)
LY60099   32cm Fairy on Ball � Legs Crossed (x4)
LY60094   34.5cm Fairy on Ball (x4)
LY60087   35.5cm Cherub on Ball Asleep with Bowl (x4)
LY60088   35.5cm Cherub on Ball Hands Crossed (x4)
LY60089   35cm Standing Fairy Blowing Kiss (x4)
LY60070   39.5cm Cherub on Ball (x4)
LY60071   39.5cm Cherub on Ball Hand On Chin (x4)
6-078   6" Fairy on Column - Pair of Candle Sticks
6-060   6" Thai Buddha Figurine
6-124   8" Cherub - See no Evil
6-123   8.75" Cherub - Hear No Evil
6-226   9" Happy Buddha
6-184   9.5" Kneeling Cherub Reading a Book
6-223   Baby Asleep on Pillow
DF17121-I   Bear Holding Heart - Sadly Missed Daughter
DF17121-H   Bear Holding Heart - Sadly Missed Son
SPOB05   Black Circular Oil Burner
SPOB07   Black Wavy Metal Oil Burner
NA60142STO   Blue Laying Fairy with Plant Pot - Florence (x16)
NA60146STO   Blue Metal Fairy Stake 71cm - Florence (x32)
6-107   Bowl of Fruit Ornament
DD60150   Brushwood Bird Planter 30cm (x36)
DD60162   Brushwood Bunny Planter 28cm (x36)
DD60160   Brushwood Elephant Planter 30cm (x24)
DD60149   Brushwood Grey Duck Planter 30cm (x24)
DD60152   Brushwood Hanging Bee Planter 34cm (x20)
DD60153   Brushwood Hanging Cockerel Planter 30cm (x36)
DD60161   Brushwood Sitting Dog Planter 30cm (x36)
DD60163   Brushwood Teddy Planter 26cm (x36)
WC33725   Butterfly Chime - 3 Asst
955008   Butterfly House - 4 Assorted
963971   Cast Iron Padlock & Keys
HY60046   Chalkboard Plant Bay 51cm (x2)
6-066   Cherub Asleep with Bows and Arrows
6-225   Cherub in Hand Ornament
6-131   Cherub Lying Down Figurine
DF16201-Y   Cherub On Rock Memorial Plaque
6-031   Cherub on Tree Reading A Book
6-204   Cherub Post Boy
6-022   Cherub Sitting on Tree with Book
SPOB06   Cream Heart Metal Oil Burner
SPOB02   Cream Leaf Oil Burner
SPOB04   Cream Square Prong Burner
SPOB03   Cream Swirl Oil Burner
SPOB01   Cream Wavy Square Oil Burner
TF60123STO   Daisy Duck Pale Blue 26cm (x8)
DD60159   Dark Brushwood Standing Dog Planter 33cm (x24)
DF16201-I   Daughter Cherub On Rock Memorial Plaque
TF60124STO   Dennis Duck Pale Green 26cm (x8)
TF60140STO   Derek the Metal Duck 40cm (x4)
HE500   Diamond Shaped Oil Burner With Crystals
TF60138STO   Doris the Vivid Metal Duck 26.5cm (x8)
LY60102   Fairy Sitting on Mushroom (x4)
TF60120STO   Fay the Metal Flamingo 63cm (x6)
TF60122STO   Felicity the Metal Flamingo 57cm (x6)
QT60121STO   Flamingo Metal Birdhouse (x18)
LP29449   Flower Oil Burner - 4 Assorted
TF60139STO   Fran the LED Solar Flamingo 60cm (x4)
TF60118STO   Francis the Metal Flamingo 99cm (x4)
TF60119STO   Frank the Metal Flamingo 98cm (x4)
948397   Glass Bottle Windchime - 4 Assorted
51-8083   Glass Grave Candle Grandma/Grandad - 2 Assorted
51-8085   Glass Grave Candle Husband/Wife - 2 Assorted
51-8084   Glass Grave Candle Mum/Dad
51-8082   Glass Grave Candle Son/Daughter - 2 Assorted
59935   Graveside Memorial Heart - Brother
59938   Graveside Memorial Heart - Dad
59932   Graveside Memorial Heart - Dearest Husband
59930   Graveside Memorial Heart - Grandad
59931   Graveside Memorial Heart - Grandma
59939   Graveside Memorial Heart - Mum
59934   Graveside Memorial Heart - Sister
59936WB   Graveside Memorial Heart - Someone Special
TF60125STO   Harriet the Metal Heron 94cm (x4)
TF60131STO   Hattie the Rustic Metal Hen 42cm (x6)
59937   Heart Memorial Plaque 'In Loving Memory'
HE623OB   Hestia Frosted Glass Butterfly Oil Burner
HE529   Hestia Glass Butterfly Oil Burner
TF60126STO   Holly the Metal Heron 90cm (x4)
83255   Insect Hotel With Balcony - 2 Assorted
3957   Keys With Padlock
6-042   Kneeling Praying Angel
6-217   Large Praying Angel
HY60036   Large Train Planter 100cm (x1)
QM60112   LED Cherub 23cm Hands in Lap (x4)
QM60116   LED Cherub Asleep on Ball 32cm (x6)
QM60115   LED Cherub Hands in Lap 24cm (x4)
QM60113   LED Cherub Head on Arms 25cm (x12)
QM60114   LED Cherub Holding Heart 24cm (x4)
QM60111   LED Giggling Cherub 23cm (x4)
QM60117   LED Large Standing Cherub 42cm (x4)
QM60110   LED Praying Cherub 23cm (x4)
QM60109   LED Praying Cherub 23cm Left Facing (x4)
WC41816   Lighthouse Wind Chime
4022   Lucio Cast Iron Chimenea
6-057   Lying Angel
LP25371   Memorial Book - Cat
LP25372   Memorial Book - Dog
NA60147STO   Metal Toadstool Birdhouse 27cm (x6)
DD60157   Moss Effect Duck Planter 33cm (x32)
DD60156   Moss Effect Hen Planter 22cm (x40)
OB176   Open Hands Ceramic Oil Burner - 2 Asst
DF16848-S   Partner Memorial Double Heart
TF60136STO   Paula the LED Solar Peacock 57cm (x4)
TF60135STO   Penny the Metal Peacock 55cm (x4)
956033   Pet Memorial Heart - 2 Assorted
TF60137STO   Peter the Sitting Metal Peacock 50cm (x4)
TF60133STO   Pheobe the Vivid Metal Pheasant 60cm (x6)
TF60134STO   Phil the Metal Pheasant 62cm (x6)
NA60144STO   Pink Metal Fairy Stake 76cm - Felicity (x32)
NA60141STO   Pink Metal Fairy with Plant Pot - Felicity (x16)
59403   Precious Baby Heart Graveside Stone
HY60041   Pushcart Planter with Metal Wheels 53cm (x6)
TF60132STO   Randall the Large Metal Rooster 60cm (x4)
TF60128STO   Ray the Vivid Metal Rooster 27cm (x8)
TF60130STO   Ricky the Rustic Metal Rooster 42cm (x4)
TF60129STO   Rodney the Vivid Metal Rooster 39cm (x4)
11111547   Set Of 2 Ornate Pyramid Garden Stakes
DF16201-K   Sister Cherub On Rock Memorial Plaque
LY60067   Sitting Angel on Ball Asleep (x4)
LP40005   Skull Oil Burner - 13cm - 3 Assorted
LP40004   Skull Oil Burner - 9cm - 3 Assorted
2991   Somerset & Dorset Sign
DF16201-H   Son Cherub On Rock Memorial Plaque
DF14828-F   Special Mum & Dad Cherub
DD60148   Standing Grey Dog Planter 28cm (x24)
6-214   Thai Buddha Head - Black
2972   The More I Learn Sign
3967   Welcome Sign With Spike
HY60042(6-504)   Wooden Windmill Garden Ornament 58cm (x4)
NA60145STO   Yellow Metal Fairy Stake 73cm - Fiona (x32)
NA60143STO   Yellow Metal Fairy with Plant Pot - Fiona (x16)

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